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I have almost always been a single-person traveler and never had a problem with doing my own thing-going where I want to go, doing what I want to do. My Mom used to worry, but, well, she was my Mom, so it was what it was.

But as I get "older" (mid-40's), my friends seem to be developing a strange tick where they worry about me when I travel alone and I'm starting to wonder where it's coming from? Case in point-I just took a week long trip down to Reno. I left on Wednesday, driving, and camped out for 2 days before heading into Reno for 5 days. Had a friend couple who had a graduation to go to in Sacramento, so they drove there first, then I met up with them in Reno on Saturday AM. Another friend couple flew down to Reno for the weekend. Not a terribly long way from Washington, I've made the drive many times and further. We had a blast! No 5th wheel feeling, they've long since learned not to try to hook me up, super nice people I've known for years, I learned 2 new games (Craps and Let it Ride!), and really enjoyed the company and trip.

So, couple #2 flew home, fine. The other couple and I were driving, but they drive way faster-I like to look at the scenery while I drive. So I told them not to wait for me-if they want to go faster-GO! They're gone as soon as we get gas and leave the station, fine. Before I've even made it to Mt. Shasta, I've got a text from couple #2 who are at the airport waiting to board-"Everything OK?" "All's well, just cruising through the mountains, enjoying the scenery." Why would it be otherwise? And......what are you going to do about it if it's not? Couple #1 stops for gas somewhere near Mt Shasta, I get another text-"Construction delay on I-5 at Weed, watch for it. Where are you? Everything OK?" Same response. I've got a AAA card in my wallet, personal protection just under the front seat, an emergency road kit and all of my camping gear and leftover food in the back of my car if I'm stranded for a night.....or 5, if necessary. I know how to change a flat tire, etc, etc. Been on my own for 20 years now, I've got all my bases as covered as anyone!

Couple #2 gets home, I get another text-"Home now. Call us when you stop so we know you're OK." I comply out of courtesy, What's with the concern?

Not complaining, I love it that I have such wonderful, dear friends who care about me, but I just am wondering where all the concern is coming from all of a sudden? Is a broken down car easier to deal with with 2 people in the car than 1? And why now? I've driven all over the western US, been gone for weeks at a time. Now I hit 45 and all of a sudden, I'm at risk for trouble on the road? What risk? I've hit more deer than anyone I know (3. Very sad, but only the last one did any real damage to my car) but I haven't had a ticket in 15 years so I'm as good a driver as anyone and anyone can have a problem on the road.

Love, love, love the solo travel experience, guess I just need to toughen up to the coddling of friends as I get older!
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