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I know this board doesn't get a lot of traffic, but I figured, hey.

Treo 680 stopped receiving phone signal on Thursday. Warm reset had no result. Hard reset restored signal, but hotsync to restore apps killed it again.

Okay, that makes me think there's a 3rd party app problem. But the goddamn hotsync cannot (apparently) be configured not to restore previously installed apps and databases. I keep deleting stuff on the device only to have the hotsync restore it. So I can't figure out which 3rd party app is giving the Treo fits.

I've run across a couple of synchronization errors too - error number 6410 (unknown). Last time this occurred hotsync failed to restore the calendar on the device.

I have two devices - I'm getting the problem on both. So we know it's not the device, but it may be the sim card.

Any thoughts? Anything. I'm about in tears here - I use this phone for my business. I can't afford to have it down for too long. HELP.
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<chirping crickets>

Okay, I figured it out for myself anyway. Apparently Palm HotSync looks automatically in the backup folder every time you synchronize, and restores anything in that folder that it fails to find on the device. Who knew?

Once I deleted the backup folder - throwing away my chat log and several apps in the process, but retaining my calendar and phone book - a HotSync after a hard reset appears to have solved the problem. I still don't know which of half a dozen apps that were deleted was causing the service disruption, but hey, fixed is fixed.
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