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I went to a meeting yesterday. It was titled The Latest Cutting Edge Strategies on Lawsuit Protection, Tax Reduction and estate Planning. The Founder of this group is Jay W. Mitton, MBA.JD and has been in existance for 30 years. Suposely Donald Trump, Opray, Kennedys, etc they have helped. A lot of very interesting facts were given but a 1/2 hour sales pitch was at the end for their product to do it yourself. Like $4,000.00. I don't like sales pitches. Does anyone know about these people or this group?

Most of what they discussed was Family Limited Partnership FLP, and Limited Partnership LP, CRT Charitable Remainder Trust. I would be glad to share what I learned if that is legal. But first, does anyone know about these people? Thanks OneNote

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Quote from a scathing article on Mr. Mitton: "Mitton, an attorney who has been barred from practicing law in Florida, calls himself "The Father of Asset Protection." Rest of the article at:

Here's the Florida case:

You can search for "Mitton" on the American Bar Association bulletin board (located at and lots of stuff comes up. I know the posts are mostly by lawyers who may have a problem with the do-it-yourself practice of law, but I can't believe how many statements like the following are out there:

"I don't remember the details of how it works, but I DO
remeber RUN, DON'T WALK to the nearest exit. If this is
the seminar I recall, this is the same guy who told a
seminar that you had to apply GST exemption to $10K annual
gifts to grandchildren."

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