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Truth be damned. Now that you extremists on the right have nowhere to go, he's shoved you under the bus.

Or he lied, which is it?

Neither. You have utterly failed in (or are completely incapable of) understanding how those of us on the right view the role of government. You have this vision of us as anarchists wanting to destroy the federal government entirely, or who want the rich to pay no taxes while the poor are forced into indentured servitude or even outright slavery.

You lefties also seem incapable of understanding that we want businesses to get tax breaks not so they owners can pile up the money into a big vault and dive into it ala Scrooge McDuck but rather so they can expand their businesses and grow the economy, which means more tax revenues even at lower tax rates (unemployed people and/or shuttered businesses don't pay taxes, in fact they're a DRAIN on the federal coffers!)

I understand completely what Romney wants to do economically, and I have a hell of a lot more faith in his vision and goals than those of Team 0bama. 0bama can scream "$5 trillion tax cuts!" all he wants, all that proves is that he hasn't the foggiest of what he's talking about. Apparently he thinks the Laffer Curve refers to a humor measurement.

He wants to utilize the coal we have for energy independence... considering we're the "Saudi Arabia" of coal that makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than 0bama's "let's follow Spain's disasterous example and mandate impossible green energy milestones that will destroy our economy and are impossible to meet!" I get Romney's realism, not 0bama's impossible idealism.

I don't remember at all sitting there saying, "What the hell is Romney talking about?!? I don't want that!"... so how is it he threw me "under the bus" again?
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