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I think you all have noticed I have a close eye on Tesla. Here's the latest food for thought (and a stock price getting hammered today):

Kind of afraid it's still not really an opportunity to buy though. My knee-jerk reaction is to wait for a STILL cheaper price (if willing to buy at all; I still think it's so risky). I don't like the sound of maybe amending the loan either...

I'm also rolling the news earlier this week that Toyota's scaling back its EV plans around in my head:

Are EVs going to get run over again?

Just throwing this out there for thoughts. All I know is that our society does need to adopt greener vehicles at a more rapid rate than it has (not that I would force people to do so, but I am glad there are options out there). Just wondering about Tesla's standing in the whole thing though. Whew.

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I'm hoping that Tesla is a success. I think they're going balls-out as fast as they can. This almost-halving of the hoped-for deliveries this quarter and next is troubling, but hopefully just indicative of a delayed production ramp, for quality.

From everything I've read, the existing deliveries have gone very well. Here's a blog from a couple that picked up their Model S from the California factory and drove it home to DC, cross country:

The Supercharger announcement is very cool, but I'm unsure who they're pandering to here. How many people drive inter-city much? Still, it's a great sign of things to come - once Superchargers are inner-city they'll be incredibly useful. Or, we'll see places like Starbucks naturally offering chargers in their parking lots to attract customers. That the Superchargers are completely free to charge from is amazing!

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