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am considering signing up for the ttd service.

recent posts indicate that there are some problems with the www site. i'm wondering if current subscribers feel that overall it is a worthwhile value?

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I am signed up for the Newsletter only. It has all the TTD stocks plus the status for the S&P100 stocks using the TTD formula. At a few hundred dollars a year it is well worth the price in my mind.

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I'm going to renew because you have the high and low benchmark prices for 500 stocks and because of the Bullseye feature. No website is a substitute for due diligence, but TTD makes my due diligence much easier. I could do the work myself but the cost in time would be far more than the subscription.

The newsletter is pretty good. The message board was disappointing and is gone now. I'm not sure exactly what the site is lacking; perhaps a message board and Dow benchmarks should be free as long as the user registers; this might get more traffic. BI investing isn't really made for the fast pace of the internet. We pick a value stock and hold. Not real exciting and not always a lot to talk about. But it can still be profitable.

If you plan to have a BI portfolio, this site can save you a lot of time doing computations and steer you towards companies that could be a great value that you might not have found otherwise. I'm renewing because there is enough information to give me big shortcuts while doing due diligence and because my value stocks are BI stocks.
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thanks, guys.

those are the exact reasons i was considering subscribing. sounds like the way to go. time saved is worth more and more money the older i get!
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