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Uh, Jesus was about as socialist as they come

That may have been the case 2000 years ago, but today the choice is EITHER Jesue OR socialism. Hillary is the anti-christ (so to speak) to me.

And this, my friends, is what now passes for "deep thought" over on the REHP board. It doesn't matter what Jesus was "2000 years ago." Jesus is different now; he must have been the product of activist judges, who can't divine "original intent." Scalia would be angry, if only he were honest.

"Hillary is the anti-Christ." Of course. Both Bill and Hillary are conservative Democrats. They come from Arkansas, for crying out loud, not Massachusetts. But that doesn't matter either, for Rush Limbaugh has declared that they are the anti-Christ, and the mindless followers bow down and say "yassah!"

Unfortunately, the so-called "free marketeers" around some of these places have yet to figure out that the capitalist system works best with a developed middle class, not with the excesses of what laissez faire capitalism has produced in each and every circumstance where it has run without reign. The English textile mills, the American rustbelt, the diamond mines of Africa - and on and on - it has always been the same: a small, wealthy aristocracy and a large, foundering underclass, with a few brisk managers somewhere in the middle.

It is when there are many consumers that capitalism prospers, but you'd never know it listening to these ignoramui. "Boy, look how bad it's been since 1964!" is one recent call. OK, as I look around since 1964, I see the richest, most powerful economy on earth, spreading wealth far and wide, becoming the envy of all of the world, providing benefits to every strata of society, opening opportunity for the previously disenfranchised, welcoming minorities and immigrants as never before.

Surely a record to be despised. We better eliminate that minimum wage immediately, that's the problem. No! No! It's the Death Tax! Don't you see? Wait! It's My Money! The government can't spend it on useless things like "infrastructure" or "science" or "research" as well as I can!

And yet, and yet, that is what the Limbaughs, the Coulters, the Fox News', the Hannitys would have you believe; that America is a bad place to be, and that IT'S ALL THE LIBERALS' FAULT.

It's astonishing how perverted the thinking is; everything is wrong, and everything must be changed. As I look at the success of America, I see so much more right than wrong over the past half century, and if every program wasn't perfect, well, what in the world ever has been?

It's depressing to see this kind of ignorance perpetuated, actually celebrated on some of the boards here, and any attempt at rational discussion - such as the argument of "if it's so bad, why are we so good?" - shouted down until a hail of "Hillary is the anti-Christ" and "I WANNA TAX CUT", without the slightest bit of economic, rational, human or other logic applied.

Pitiful, really, how easily deluded and unthinking these people are.
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