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Ummm... then, fire them.

You don't know how it works, apparently. Because of abuses like 'random firing' in the 19th century (actually since the beginning of the Republic) this thing called "civil service" was enacted. It had become a dysfunctional feature of government, almost like a regime change for dictators, so most jobs were put beyond the reach of a new incoming administration. It was thought that this would provide better continuity of services - and it did, but not without some problems of its own.

Assign the righties to lead the EPA Dumpster Inspection Service or the Extraordinary Lawn Chair Hazards Unit. Send them on sabbatical to Tierra Del Fuego or to Branson MO or Slab City CA

You seem to think there are thousands of Federal workers just sitting around with thousands more ready to take their place when they are assigned to these useless fantasy jobs you have concocted. There aren't.

Further, there are layers, and the President only gets to appoint to the top layers. So all those legal mopes from Bob Jones University (who have limited prospects in the real world anyway) are marking time, gaining seniority, and hiring other fanatics (almost like sleeper cells) until they control a significant part of the machinery. Where are you going to out them and still get anything done?

I've already mentioned my SIL. She was in HHS for 40 years, through plenty of both R and D administrations, but during the Bush years she would say "They're hiring people who absolutely think there should be no HHS Department!" But who would do the minimum necessary to stay. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I know it sounds fantasmagorical, but from her inside perspective it's exactly what has happened (lately.) it sounded so perverse to me, and then I remembered I have a BIL who is a hard core Libertarian, who hates government, who works for the City of Philadelphia. Seriously. He's an electrician, could easily get a job in the private sector, but takes the government job because it's "secure" and the benefits are decent.

I have this vision of all thse Bob Jones University regulation hating zealots in the very agency that's charged with enforcing regulations, looking over the shoulders of bankers, etc. and I despair.

There has always been politics with civil service, but it's being played at a whole new level lately, just like appointments for the USSC and elsewhere. The Left had better up its game, because the Right is winning in many levels. Heck, the "Leftist" President is to the right of both Eisenhower and Nixon. What does that tell you? (And I happen to believe it would be nearly impossible to elect someone to the left of Obama.)
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