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What do you guys think of United Water stock? I can't help but think that growing population and lowering aquifers are bound to mean more money in their collective pocket.

Any thoughts?

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Maybe , maybe not.....they are a public utility and thus are somewhat constrained on how much they can raise rates and generate excess profits.

If Idaho ever decides to IMO foolishly deregulate water the odds are that private corporations will buy things up with the claim of "better service at a lower price" and then screw the public. The corporations most likely to push deregulation and to abuse the public would probably be the big players of Vivendi, RWE, Suez, and Bechtel.

All have actually caused major water price hikes, poor service, and abused the public so deregulation could be a total "cockup".

The following site has some good information.

A wise old American pol once remarked; "There are two things you never want to release from being public utilities, power and water. Both are needed to survive and both are best controlled as public utilities to protect the public from unscrupulous and greedy".

Don't remember who siad it yet I tend to agree after having seen the wonders of Enron, Westar, ConAgra, Worldcom, IBP, and others released from regulation and oversight.

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