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A year ago I posted this message:

Odd, how I've never forgotten the date.

A lot of the same lessons are being expanded.

Things that were important are less important. But I still get ticked off at stupid drivers. I still
want to smack people who smoke. The miseries of cancer treatment are so awful that I can't
believe that people are deliberately courting the risks. I used to smoke. I quit twenty-five years
ago. So I know that quitting is possible.

I've learned to suggest compromises when possible. Not all battles have to be fought. I can save
my strength for the important ones.

I've become better at self-analysis. I have a distinct lack of patience, and I have a terrible temper
that, fortunately, most people have never seen because I keep it locked up.

And I sulk. And brood. And I never forget injuries.

That's the short list.

But I'm getting better about it. It's a struggle, but I'm trying to let things go instead of going
through the same old arguments in my head.

I have what might be termed disorganized religious beliefs, but I do believe that we keep going
through the circle until we've learned basic lessons, and lived by them. So some of what I've
learned on this round will help cut the lessoning short.

I founded this board because the Motley Fool was where many of my friends were, and I knew I
needed help and support. I couldn't find another board that discussed serious illness in terms of
how to live with it, so I started one of my own.

After I had made the announcement on several boards, I sat and shivered.

What if no one came?

I've no idea how people reacted when they saw that initial post. I've often wondered.

For the update, I'm in remission. I see the doctors and have a mammogram and an MRI once a

I have also just learned that the Word Perfect Spell Checker does not recognize the existence of
the word Mammogram. Make of that what you will.

I've learned that some people are so scared of the word cancer that they curl up and blow away.

It's a scary word, yes. One of the scariest in the English language, and the only equivalent I can
think of is AIDS. But it's only a word, and you cannot allow words to gain control over you. To
give cancer control over you is to signal the end.

Cancer is not the end. Cancer survivors, like me, have proven that.

And our name is Legion. I pick up books, I turn on the television, I read the newspaper, and I
hear about another survivor.

We are everywhere. From people who travel on mass transit, to the people who write books that
you read, from the people who pass you on the street, to the people you watch on television,
there are cancer survivors everywhere. We don't identify ourselves. We don't wear a Purple

But we are on every road you travel.

We will make it.

And so can you.

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