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I had another xray on my sternum on 11-12-12. The results are that my sternum is now stable and still healing. I see the dr in another month.

I still have bruses below my belly button that are trying to fade.

I still not sure when this will finally heal and let me move past this.

I am paying just the minimum on the car payment biweekly.

My credit card debt is $75 over budget because I bought Christmas presents with it. I am working on getting back to a $0 balance again.

Mom for 2 (two) days has not had a headache or had a seizure.
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That actually doesn't sound like a bad report. The Dr could have said your bones aren't healing, your bruises could be getting worse, you might not be able to afford tie minimums, you kept Xmas at a reasonable level and your mom gave you 2 days without making you worry.

Who thinks you have lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...
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Sounds like a good update, and bonus, the weather is beautiful in the Valley for Thanksgiving. Have a happy Holiday.
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