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Frequent lurker, seldom poster here. Just wanted to re-iterate what a fabulous source of information/inspiration/movitvation this board has been for me.

In June of 1999, my wife and I had 5 cards with 24K in debt racked up. I posted sometime last year about the strain and stress this was causing which spilled over into my work life, married life, etc.

Well we are down to 12.5K on one card @ 1.9%. We are paying AT LEAST $900 per month (most months $1,000) toward the debt. This is, by the way, our only debt now. (We have 2 paid for cars and we rent an apt. currently)

Quite frankly, we were ashamed and thought we were quite alone when we got a grip on our ridiculous spending habits. We have things under control and our household income is $55K currently (it was $46K when we started really paying).

For the first time, we are really starting to feel good about making good on our debt obligations and getting debt free. We want to buy house so we are playing with the idea of tightening our belts even further to get this paid off by late Summer so we can buy a house! It's a dream that seamed totally impossible this time last year.

Thanks in no small part to all the support here, we are doing it!

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Well done!! I know what you mean about that feeling when suddenly something like home ownership isn't a total's a better high than any drug, isn't it?

Keep up the fabulous work!

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