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Hi Everyone.

I have had a UK PPL for 30 years and an FAA Private pilot certificate for 25 years.

When I briefly lived in NY I used to regularly rent a Cessna 172 and fly past Mrs Liberty and up the Hudson past Manhattan at about 800 feet - this was one of the most exhiliarating experiences I have had in a 172.

Meigs Field in Chicago is another good spot, where one gets a close-up view of the Hancock Tower on take-off.

But I get a sense that this kind of stuff may not now be welcomed, especially by foreigners. Would anyone have any ideas on this? Are there any known policies? Any web-based airspace maps?

I would like a holiday in the US and would love to do some flying. Being British I would hope to be looked on in a reasonably friendly light - but dare I take the risk that all foreigners suggesting this kind of activity these days might be under immediate suspicion?

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No. of Recommendations: 1 is a web site that clearly depicts all temporarily restricted airspace.

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