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Apparently adding to the local economy is a big positive effect. Restaurants prefer fresh food rather than food that’s been in a warehouse up to a week. If the food is better, there are more customers.
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Urbanites combat climate change with rooftop farms
Higher Ground Farm in Boston is in production to be the second-largest rooftop farm in the world, following New York City’s Brooklyn Grange flagship farm. “There are acres of rooftops in cities,” explained Stoddard when he described the process of utilizing unused space to create productive resources.
“The green roof system will slow the flow of water off the roof, and also retain some of the water that the plants will use.”
Positive effects on the environment would not be the only result of large-scale urban farming.... As the plants on the farm would naturally absorb the sunlight, they would be combating the heat island effect that so commonly afflicts large cities. Consequently, electricity and cooling costs would be reduced for companies that invest in a green roof for their buildings."
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Urbanites combat CC with rooftop farms

I was so disappointed when I read your post and learned that CC didn't mean Conservative Coots.

PS--have a rec
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