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Google sheets are very useful for IBD stock work. These are free, online spreadsheets like Excel, but they have the added feature of a "link" back to Google Finance. You can use all sorts of functions to bring stock info into your sheet, but for me, right now I just use the function that grabs a price for a stock ticker. (you have to have a Google login, which you do if you have gmail) I have two tabs, watchlist and own. First, here is my current and full watchlist sheet:

Stock Price Pivot <Pivot 5% Max 4% Stop 20% pft 25% pft buy prc % loss Earnings Date COMP # in Group Notes
EW $106.25 $107.69 -1.34% $113.07 $112.00 $129.23 $134.61 $107.69 -1.34% 7/26/2016 99 1 doublown day on 7/20
uscr $66.22 $69.76 -5.07% $73.25 $72.55 $83.71 $87.20 $69.76 -5.07% 8/4/2016 99 1 slowly moving up
FN $37.96 $39.15 -3.04% $41.11 $40.72 $46.98 $48.94 $39.15 -3.04% 8/18/2016 99 1 ascending base
FN $37.96 $39.50 -3.90% $41.48 $41.08 $47.40 $49.38 $39.50 -3.90% 8/18/2016 99 1
avgo $159.67 $166.10 -3.87% $174.41 $172.74 $199.32 $207.63 #DIV/0! 8/26/2016 99 1
crm $82.55 $84.58 -2.40% $88.81 $87.96 $101.50 $105.73 #DIV/0! 8/29/2016 99 1
mdvn $62.63 $63.04 -0.65% $66.19 $65.56 $75.65 $78.80 #DIV/0! 8/4/2016 98 1
igt $20.59 $20.01 2.90% $21.01 $20.81 $24.01 $25.01 #DIV/0! 8/11/2016 98 2 in buy range, all green
DY $94.78 $97.40 -2.69% $102.27 $101.30 $116.88 $121.75 #DIV/0! 8/23/2016 98 2 97.40 is 3weeks tight add on. (not more than 20%?)
olli $25.75 $26.65 -3.38% $27.98 $27.72 $31.98 $33.31 #DIV/0! 9/7/2016 98 2 struggling to retake pivot. Accum C, so demand strong volume.
LITE 27.19 $28.01 -2.93% 29.4105 29.1304 33.612 35.0125 #DIV/0! 9/15/2016 98 2 own a bit, fell back down.
vntv $59.43 $58.19 2.13% $61.10 $60.52 $69.83 $72.74 #DIV/0! 7/28/2016 97 1 in range, trading tightly
exp $83.91 $83.10 0.97% $87.26 $86.42 $99.72 $103.88 #DIV/0! 8/1/2016 97 4 order in TD roth, broke out, still in range 7/20
serv $40.79 $42.21 -3.36% $44.32 $43.90 $50.65 $52.76 #DIV/0! 8/8/2016 97 3 42.21 pivot??? my guess
iiin $34.75 $31.93 8.83% $33.53 $33.21 $38.32 $39.91 #DIV/0! 7/21/2016 96 3 pivot is my guess
bmch $19.55 $20.09 -2.69% $21.09 $20.89 $24.11 $25.11 #DIV/0! 8/8/2016 95 1 cup base
PLNT $20.01 $19.72 1.47% $20.71 $20.51 $23.66 $24.65 #DIV/0! 9/2/2016 95 maybe buy a tiny share

So there are some column abbreviations to make it fit in this posting.

Price: is the last stock price, this is what Google sheets can grab for you automatically, saving lots of effort.

<Pivot: is really % below the pivot (buy) point. I use color formulas here to help show me when it is getting closer to the buy point (or already above it).

5% max: refers to the guidance not to buy a breakout more than 5% above the pivot point, as it increases the risk too much. I use automatic color formatting to show me when it is past this price. It is of course calculated as Pivot*1.05.

4% stop: , is usually the max price I will use if setting a Stop Buy order instead of buying it manually during the breakout.

20% and 25% profit prices: are suggested profit taking points in most cases. They have an 8 week rule for holding longer, but they are not otherwise clear on how to tell if this might be the big one that you do want to hold for a long time, so I will keep looking for that.

Buy Prc: the price I paid. once I buy a stock, I cut the row and paste it into my OwnIt tab. I then put in the price I actually paid. (I have a couple fake examples here).

% loss: is to the right of buy price. I use a formula to compare buy price with current price. I color code it when it is negative: yellow, orange and red. 7-8% loss is red and is a mandatory IBD sell range to limit losses. The color coding helps me quickly see which might be getting into trouble.

Earnings Date: exactly what it is. I use for both watch list and OwnIt list. Unfortunately Google can't automatically find that for us. This is very important as many breakouts and breakdowns occur during earning reports. Sometimes you don't want to buy just before earnings. Can be better to hope to catch it as it breaks out afterwards than be stuck as it breaks down afterwards. No hard rule there, you will have to learn the hard way.

COMP: this is the IBD COMP rating. 99 means better than 99% of all other stocks. They also have a number of other ratings I have discussed but I don't track them, I just pay attention to them and maybe make a note to the right like "all ratings green" or Accumulation = D+. I color code these ratings with a formula. If less than 96 it gets a yellow flag, if less than 90 it gets a red flag, and should not even be on my list. This is good to follow even after you own a stock.

# in Group: IBD says stick with the top 1-3 rated stocks in the group for best shot at success. Color formatting for me: 1-2 green, 3-4 yellow, 5+ red.

Notes: my personal notes, maybe the type of base or "kind of weak, don't buy much". Also, like excel, you can have notes in a cell that pop up when you hover over them. I use these to cut and paste larger info from the web site.
So whether you follow and IBD methodology or something else, you can probably find a great benefit with Google Sheets, just Google it and check out all the available functions.

Stop Limit (buy) orders: tell the brokerage to enter a buy order once a certain price is hit (e.g. the pivot price) and only buy the stock at market price if it is less than the stated limit. So if a prices passes the pivot point in an orderly fashion you will get it, but if the price gaps way up after earnings are released before hours, you probably won't get it. Nor would you want to automatically buy it 10% above the pivot.

I have been using these successfully this latest uptrend. I will set to Stop Limits. On the first I will buy about 50% of my stock when the pivot point is hit. On the second I will buy the remainder 1-2% above the pivot. I do this because if I am not watching, I don't want to buy 100% on a low volume, barely-makes-it-breakout. And that is one downside to Stop Limit buys, unless you have a sophisticated brokerage, you won't be able to set a condition based on volume. My Fidelity online cannot. It has an Active Trader app for a computer that might allow that, but I think you have to be running it at the time - need to check that out.

Hope this has been a bit helpful to the other 2 people that drop buy this board once a year ;-)

P. Just a tree falling in a forest with no one around.
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