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Ok, so me and 5 of my closest friends are starting to plan a short vacation for next January or February...And I'm here looking for recomendations...

We're looking for good diving primarily, but we'd also like sailing and golf opportunities and of course lots of frozen umbrella drinks...

We started by thinking "Cancun", but I'm think we could maybe do better...

Any great places that normals humans might not know about?


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You may want to check out Belize. I haven't made it their yet,but I will soon. I have heard that the diving and sailing are great. I don't know about golf.

Try this link:

Boat Drinks -- Waitress I need two more Boat Drinks
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Try Bunaken Island. It is off the coast of Manado, on the northeast arm of Sulawesi (a.k.a. the Celebes) in Indonesia. The diving and snorkling are superb at the edge of the reef.

If you get tired of diving, you can head inland to soak in the hot springs at Lake Tondano. If you are fortunate you may see a volcano erupt south of Lake Tondano. I was amazed to see lightning inside the cloud of smoke emitted by the volcano.

Myers's rum with Marquesa juice makes a good mai tai. For Old Asia Hands a cold Bir Bintang will do the trick. I visited Manado twice, in 1990 and 1991. It was every bit as good the second time around.

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