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Hi, not much activity here lately.

So Vanguard has converted some of my funds into Admiral shares. These have a separate ticker symbol and pricing from the previous regular shares. After doing a transaction download from Vanguard, these conversions show as "remove shares" for the old investments and "add shares" for the new. This wreaks havoc with performance reporting, as Money thinks the old investments incurred 100% loss, and it has no cost basis for the Admiral shares so the entire value shows as gain.

Any advice on how to get Money (2004, but I could update if a newer version handles this better) to recognize this conversion as a single continuous investment?

At the very least, I could change the add/remove shares transactions to sells and buys. Money would think I captured the gains and bought new securities, which isn't optimal, but not unacceptable since I don't use Money for tax purposes and at least the overall account performance would report correctly.

- Erik
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I have not done anything of this nature, but, I think it would be best handled as two seperate transactions entered manually which I think is what you suggested in your last paragraph.
You enter a sell of the Investor share classes at the monies received. Then you would show a purchase of the Admiral shares at the same dollar amount as received from the sell.
As you say this would not show as one continuous investment, but, each one of the pieces should be correct.

P.S. This board is not getting much traffic since Microsoft stopped marketing and supporting Money.

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FWIW I did it with buys and sells. Not ideal but I don't see any other way to do it reasonably.

I'm sad to see MS Money go away. It had problems, but I recently started working with Quicken and I really don't like it as much, esp the reporting tools.

I may just stick with MS Money. It looks like I can still pay for online updates, although I haven't tried that yet.

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Continuing my own thread - I tried to handle it with the process described here.

Basically, you enter a share split to represent the change in share count and price, then you change the ticker symbol for the investment. So the history stays intact as one continuous investment and the performance reporting is accurate. Money going forward will use the changed ticker symbol for new price updates, leaving the old historical prices intact. This worked. At first.

But where it fell down is the next time a Vanguard download is imported. Vanguard sends position and balance info for both the old share class (a zeroed position, 0 shares) and new, with the separate ticker symbols. Money can't handle two different balances for the same investment in the same account. I even got poor Money stuck bouncing back and forth in an endless loop of dialog boxes, one asking for confirmation to consolidate Admiral and Investor shares as the same investment, and then another reestablishing Investor as a separate investment.

The frustrating part is that Money is actually pretty close to being able to handle it. What this changeover really wants to be is a merger. That would accurately reflect "I received Y shares of investment B from X shares of this original investment A" but keep the performance genealogy line. But Money is just a bit too smart for its own good - it will not let you do a merger on a mutual fund, only on an individual stock.

So yeah, I guess the only answer is to represent it as separate transactions for selling Investor shares and buying Admiral shares, thus losing the ability to properly report performance for any interval that crosses over 12/2010.

Anyone got suggestions for a more modern personal finance manager that can handle this?

- Erik
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