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No. of Recommendations: 1 offering $40 off airfares as a "Welcome to 2011" special. I don't know how long it lasts.

They are also offering some good pricing on flights from the East Coast to LIS/Lisbon for the summer, at least as far as I've seen to date. Best deal I had found departing in June for over-30-days-stay was on SATA for $813 inclusive. Vayama has the exact same flight available for $777 (after their $40 off).

Make sure to decline the flight insurance if you don't want it, as they throw it into the total price (extra $45 or so) once you click to select the flight.

I haven't been able to figure out if the Vayama ticket would have a lower checked bag requirement or not. Sometimes that happens with consolidator tickets. SATA is one of the very few int'l airlines (only??) that still lets you check 2 bags for free for tix booked thru their site:

SATA is lighter on hand baggage (carry-on) however, allowing only 6 kilos (13lbs):

SATA's seating is tighter than say, Continental's, and the food's usually not as good, but at almost $200 cheaper for the ticket, DH is willing to suffer for 8 hours. The layover in Ponta Delgada is to his advantage, as he'll get a chance to see his cousin.

Has anyone used Vayama for booking tix? Good? Bad? Any extra restrictions?

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