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I woke up Saturday afternoon around 3, and headed down to Excalibur's Poker room to meet my cousin. I played in the $2-$6 spread-limit Hold'em game there, and my imp returned to take another $96 after two hours of play. This game was full of incredibly bad players. As an example, I was dealt AKo on the button. Two players limped from mid-position. The player to my right raised the full amount to $8. I re-raised the max to $14. The blind (there is only one $2 blind in this game) called, both limpers called, and the player to my right also called.

The Flop came Q-9-4 rainbow. It was checked to me, and I bet. The blind called, the two players who had limped from mid-position folded, and the player to my right called. The turn was the 3s, putting a Spade draw on board. It was checked to me again; figuring at least one of them had a Queen, and that I may be drawing to three outs (or two if one had a Spade draw), I checked. The River brought Jc. The blind checked, the player to my right bet, I folded, and the blind called. The blind turned over KTs, and the player to my right turned over KTd.

Simply incredible. The whole two hours was full of crap like this.

Anyway, we decided to go see the Tournament of Kings show. This had been a show I wanted to see; it's one of the less expensive shows on the Strip ($39.95), and we had received a coupon for $5 off the purchase price for each ticket when we checked in. It's a medieval dinner show, with jousting and the like, and rather entertaining - better than EFX with Tommy Tune, anyway. :-) It was only my second show that I've seen in Vegas, so I admit that I don't have much experience from which to draw.

After the show, I went back to Bellagio for another ass-kicking from my Hold'em imp. Eight hours of play in the $8-$16 Hold'em game netted me a loss of $120. Someday, this crap has gotta end.

Anyway, I went back to Excalibur around 4:30 in the morning, crashed for a few hours, woke up, ate a final burger at the Sherwood Forest Cafe (only twenty minutes to get our burgers this time), checked out, dropped my cousin off at the airport, and drove home to Phoenix. I was never so glad to get back home from Vegas as then.

Like I said, the trip sucked overall, mainly because my recent slump in Hold'em persisted throughout most of the trip. It will be nice to actually have a winning session one of these days; of course, it will likely be a long time before I pull myself out of the $2,800+ rut I'm in at $9-$18 Hold'em.

Our traditional Quark's/Craps/CH2 night was fun, as always. Plus, I wet my feet at no-limit Hold'em, and held my own in the game. So overall, I guess I can't complain too much.

I have no idea when my next trip will be. Cash is a little tight right now, so my guess is May at the earliest.

That's all for now.

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