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I would like to know if anybody has any faith left here. I work for the venator group and have for the 10 years. I own a little bit of stock purchased through company stock options. The companies growth estimates seem to look alot more promising. I think that the company has stripped alot of the fat off of it, if not all. The only division not performing seems to be the Champs division. I work for the Footlocker division and can tell you that were doing incredible and easily offsetting any losses by Champs. I guess my question is, should I hold on to my stock or start to look for better growth opportunities. Am I being Foolish by holding on to my company stock or am I letting my inside information (company propaganda) hold me back.
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I worked for Foot Locker for 7 years, and in that time accumulated well over 1000 shares of stock. I feel rather fortunate I SOLD them when I did (and broke even on most of it). I currently only hold a token 50 shares which Z was kind enough to give me as part of their matching contributition (401K).

Anyway... you need to make the decision based upon real world conditions. How does Venator fit into the whole scope of things in the retail world? As you say, much fat has been cut... but retail is a cut-throat world. People will continue to buy sneakers and apparel for a long time to come. The question is whether they'll buy enough of it to attract the attention of Wall Street. I don't think so myself. Not now at least. Given the market value of Z, I wouldn't be surprised if Venator is taken over by a larger company someday. Who knows.

Do be sure to get our of your store and look at the REAL picture. I know the long hours you work. It's important sometimes to think of things without the clouding of the company propaganda you speak of.

Good Luck,


Did I ever tell you about the 400% gain I had in Nike! That was fun! Those are the fun ones to get on when you can't keep the 'stuff' in stock!
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I foolishly bought Woolworth in the early 90's, and took interest in their expansion efforts into the German market. After the accounting error in 95, I neglected to sell my certificate shares until around Mar 98 - I lost money. The other shares I bought through the DRIP remain unsold waiting for ao good company to take over Venator. However, I'll gladly sell my 91 shares to anyone who will pay $2,000 today.

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