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However, I guess I'm also "liberal" because I believe in the freedom to choose what I do and how I live -- and I feel no need to try to tell YOU (or anyone else) how they should live, as long as they obey obvious laws and mind their own business.

I don't think that is liberal. It is more libertarian. I'll have to use the labels as a reference point but both extreme lefties and righties want to tell us how to live our lives.

The wack job righties want to regulate sexual behavior in the bedroom and in some cases, move toward a theocratic government. Not good. None of their business. Impossible to enforce anyway unless survalence technology is installed in every nook and cranny on the planet. Who's calling for that? Bush is not calling for a theocracy but I can see why some of you feel he leans in that direction. I disagree though. He has some problems but he is no where close to forcing others into his world view of Christianity. LIke I've said before, those people are out there and they are wrong as well as scary. I've had the displeasure of being an aquaintance with a few and they make me feel like a moderate.

The lefties want to tell us want to do as well. However, they use the media, schools and entertainment industry. Fine if that is what they want to do. It's a free country. However, the extreme leftists want total control of your children so that all traces of traditional thought can be erased from existence eventually. Making kids go to their gov controlled schools from 3 to 23 is what they want. They want to teach only their approved curriculums. THey would ban home schools and private schools. Those people are in the minority, thankfully, but they are out there. I used to read "The Humanist". Hillary Clinton has that slight aroma surrounding her and if we elect her as the President, it will come out in full force.

Both groups are out there but thankfully the vast numbers of people in the middle prevent either side from gaining too much traction in public policy at any given point.

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