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Very few global warming doubters are motivated by a desire to expand knowledge. Their motivation is purely political.
Very few global warming alarmists are motivated by a desire to expand knowledge. Their motivation is purely political.
There. Fixed that for you.

Political motivation is a means to gather monetary support. As some of the early supporters of this man-made global warming movement have admitted, it was always about money. A grand scheme to extract wealth from countries that just weren't redistributing it fast enough for their needs. If you get powerful enough, just calling someone a Doubter or Denier is supposed to shut them up, so they can go about their bidding.

One of the most visible things going on all these years in the global warming conspiracy is China's growth. China is a very dirty, polluting country. If you're a liberal, and specifically a global warming alarmist, China would be your target number one. But China isn't full of Al Gores, it's full of hard-core government officials that would sooner poke you in the eye and call you a freak. They won't slow growth, and they won't listen to your bunk. No leverage over China, at all.

So right now, the global warming movement has degenerated into ignoring data manipulation, email statements not in their favor, calling people names, and insisting nothing that's happened over the past two decades in any way should make them reconsider.

In spite of every other paragraph written by the alarmists about climate change citing PEER REVIEWED whatever, not a single mention is ever given to statements and data that has been labeled Bunk, and Speculation. Much like the melting of the Himalyan glaciers by 2035, which was based on pure speculation, no science needed. It was thought that if enough of these alarming statements were adopted by organizations such as the IPCC, then people would surely join their side, and fork over hundreds of billions of dollars in the process.

But this is the real world, and not everyone is a lemming. Many of us want to know the truth, even if it means waiting a decade or many more to get it. Many of us believe in evolution, support non-polluting sources, and believe a cleaner planet is a good thing. That doesn't mean we're all stupid enough to join some alarmist movement, especially one that has been proven to openly lie and present bogus data to gain support. In fact, the manipulation of data, and many other statements that alarmists refuse to comment on, has done more to set back the acceptance of any reports than any political ideology ever has.
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