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With the year wrapping up, it was time for another donation to my vets retirement fund. All the cats and dogs did their part. The cats went in one day; the dogs another.

Auggie was deemed the 5 yr old with the body of a 1 yr old. It was also pointed out that he has the most amazingly large and white canine teeth.

Lincoln got praise for his big beautiful eyes. His dental work (broken canine he had as a feral) can still wait, but only maybe another year when other dental work (cleaning) should probably be done. We will remove his broken canine then.

They all got pilled for their general principle deworming and did very well with that. Mars was so wonderful at pilling that he could have been/should be a "teaching" cat.

Mars is an even 10lbs and now outweighs, Auggie (9.93lbs - For the record, Lincoln weighs 13.18lbs). Everyone got compliments for their great purr-sonalities and handle-abiliy. Like any good parent I claimed the good behavior of the kids were the result of good parenting (even if I had nothing to do with it).

At the vet for the dogs, it was pronounced that Guido had the body of a 6 year old mutt instead of the 12-14 yr old mutt he is and personality plus. Zack also got a good prognosis - looking healthy, no problems for a dog his age (also 12-14 yrs). But because Zack doesn't bound across exam tables, fly through the air and bounce off walls like Guido does, he appears more mature and was not deemed to have the attention span and behavior of a child.

Booth got senior blood work, heart worm checks and fecal exams. Zack also got his urine checked. Guido refused to pee (until the moment we walked out the door) so I'm suppose to collect his pee and bring in a sample so they can check that. I SO need a video camera because they gave me this little itty bitty bottle that I'm suppose to catch it in (like a narrow prescription pill bottle you get from the pharmacy). Yeah, I'm going to run around trying to catch his pee asking the dog to lift his leg and shoot a stream into a tiny bottle. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure there is a comedy routine involved in this.

Zack also got a pedicure so his nails look better than mine.

At the end of the day, the vets retirment fund is looking good and I've got a houseful of healthy critters. Fair trade off.

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Great report.

To get a clean urine sample - go to the store and get a plastic ladle and immediately write in magic marker on the handle -"pets only". Take it out with you on walks and hold it near the dog when it is urinating to get it used to it. Practice a few times swinging it under to catch urine mid stream. You don't want the beginning or the end. Try not to touch the fur or belly. Practice pouring it immediately into a container similar to the size of your specimen bottle. Then when it's time for THE sample, the dog will not be bothered by your "weird" behavior. First morning urine is best and keep it refrigerated/on ice until you get it to the vet. :)

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