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It was really slow at our VITA site today, so we drew straws, and I got to leave early. Left my phone number in case they ran into a problem.

Just got off the phone with the site. They had a client with a brain tumor who had nothing but SSDI payments but needed a return for her daughter's financial aid package. "Since there's no income on the return, we can't get it to print."

Now I learned a lot about taxes in 25 years at the IRS, but my stint in user support was the most useful here. There was no paper in the printer.

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Hi Phil,

Way to trouble-shoot those printer problems. :-)

We had a couple of no shows at our AARP site yesterday. That makes the day a little longer due to inactivity. It still feels good to help some lady with very little idea even how to start doing her taxes. Because we operate out of a Senior Center we primarily handle elderly people. I think those ladies really out live us men, because we see mostly elderly ladies.

Keep up your computer support, we still use all paper forms.

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