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Hello fellow gambling addicts,
It has been a long time since this board has had any activity.
I know I am not alone with this problem and also feel there are many lurkers that may need to share this crappy world of gambling we live in.

Now! because this board has been so silent I wonder if there is any traffic coming through. I have an Idea.

I may do this for myself first however I hope I do this to become a magnet and encourage others.
Remember...You must always improve yourself before you can see a difference in life.

I am going to do a voice recording of my experience with Gambling.
I will upload the .mp3 to a destination if I feel it will help others.

What I need now is a few acknowledgments that this Board is not DEAD!

I will give it a week from today 23rd June 2002.

If the idea sounds good and will help YOU, please respond to this board.

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sounds good

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