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It seems the previous post, Dogs of the NOW, has generated some Massive spewing and rumbling. Also given the defensive nature of the TMF response and we might just have a new mountain where none existed before! But steping back and looking at the posts - is it really a mountain, a molehill, a crack in the ground, or a mirage? Will it grow, shrink, or just fade away? This wanderer has a few comments of his own to share...

It seems the raw nerve that has got everyone so, well, hot headed is the proposed selling of premium research. With the well documented firebombs to the Wise, it seems just a bit on the hypicritical side. The MAJOR difference, the difference that all in this wonderful kingdom seem to be missing, is that the Wise TELL you what to think and the Fools, well, don't.

I think that point is so important that I'm going to state it again:

The MAJOR difference is that the Wise TELL you what to think and the Fools don't.

Fools only present you with information and knowledge. TMF Brothers have gone way out of the main stream path to interject humor, fun, and a bit of ego bursting darts at those who would claim to possess more smarts than you - our faithful wanderers. The Wise want you to believe you CAN NOT invest without them. The Wise spend more time (and therefore money!) selling you ignorance and hocus-pocus than actual, hard, fun, intense, humourous, serious, and wacky information so that you can thrive, THRIVE!!!!! in the investment world.

Lords and Ladies of the Foolsih Kingdom.... what again was the problem? Where have we seen in this format or in any other a TMF subject TELL us what to purchase, what to sell, what to hold and WHAT TO THINK?!?! Indeed, if you read carefully, most of the commentary is punching holes in the inflated egos of those Wise induhviduals (sorry Dilbert). TMF portfolios have done well, done poorly, done just about everything else in between. They are running experiments. Lab work. Tests of the Greater Theory that you as an individual investor can outperform EVERY MONEY MANAGER, INCLUDING TMF, using your brain and your heart and your soul to choose what will be right for you.

How is this any kinda volcano? From whence doth the hot lava of rhetoric come from? TMF's decision to charge for additional research and analysis for individual companies? How can this be compared to the Wise? Where does the cynical, "You can't POSSIBLY succeed with out this vital information, HAHAHA!" message lie in this format or any other? How is it Wise?

I feel the mountain is really just a brief crack under the feet of those who believe that Everything the Brothers know and possess should be free. There is enough information to allow newbies, like myself, to focus on our goals and needs. There is enough attention to nuture our trampled intellect back to health, (run over by those Wise ones who need us down to survive). If, after mastering and thriving on the basics you want to receive further instruction in this school of Fools - well - the Brothers decided.

TMF - thank you for providing this format. Thank you for showing us that humor and fun are necessary ingrediants for success. Thank you for allowing critism and commentary on YOUR space for yourself and others. Thank you for the wisdom to allow all of us brief wanderes to become - FOOLS!

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