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We've been meeting with a financial planner and
he has created a program for us that has us re-financing our home and using the equity to jump start a Variable Universal Life insurance policy. In addition to this, I have a 401k account that is in excess of $200k. I am 39 and want to retire when I'm in my early 50's. Several of our friends have told us NOT to invest in the VUL, but the plan looks good to us and allows us to achieve our early retirement goals.

I've read several posts regarding this subject and there is a core group of questions that one should ask before going forward with this type of "investment". We can answer yes to most if not all, i.e., do we need insurance, are we willing to leave the investment alone for 10+ years, have you max'd out in your 401k (which I do not receive any company matching), etc...

Any comments regarding the VUL?
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I would advise going over to the retire early home page via
discussion boards ->
speakers corner ->
retire early home page.
this line/group was created by mistake I think

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