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(Tammy, buy some Walmart stock and join the evil stockholders. We have coooookies.)

Walmart Strike Hits 100 Cities, But Fails To Distract Black Friday Shoppers

DALLAS and LOS ANGELES -- As she neared the entrance of a Dallas-area Walmart shortly before midnight on the eve of the shopping frenzy known as Black Friday, Tammy was both shocked and thrilled to encounter a group of more than 40 protesters.

Having worked for a dozen years as a cashier at another national retail chain, Walgreens, Tammy said she felt an immediate sense of solidarity with the Walmart employees.

"Walmart cuts hours and benefits to push people out," said Tammy, using her phone to capture video of the protest. "It's the same thing at Walgreens. The workers are suffering while billionaires make all the money."

But despite her professed anger at corporate greed, Tammy -- who declined to provide her last name lest she jeopardize her job -- was not deterred from entering Walmart to purchase a TV on a layaway plan.
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Black Friday is kind of collective sickness, like the Salem Witch trials.

The fact that someone is out there purchasing something they can't afford on layaway, against her own personal biases on this matter (and I don't care one way or another about WalMart, but the person quoted does seem to do so) is an indication we are off the rails.

Of course, I'm a complete hypocrite since my entire professional career revolves around retail construction, so without this kind of spending nonsense I'd find it harder to get work.

Me, I spent yesterday planting a beautiful fuschia over my kitty's grave.
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Christine Roman's said it best on today's episode of "Your Bottom Line":

"Those shopping this week are the same complaining they can't save for college".

(obviously not ALL - but the point was about discord over the past election on the middle class squeeze yet the shopping frenzy never seems to end)
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