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I'm a wannabe harley rider, saving for my first bike. However, I am afraid of being a perceived as a yuppie rider. Any suggestions on how I can ease my transition into the cultural world of HD? I'm not really interested in tattoos....

Let me tell you, it ain't easy saving for bike and trying to invest at the same time...
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Who said you had to have tatoos? Definately take the Rider's EDGE (or the MSF course), you will learn a lot about riding and also meet a lot of cool people. My fiance and I did a lot of research before we bought my bike. We found a lot of information about places to go, tours that were scheduled, and different organizations that were HD friendly. Just get on the internet and check out your local HOG chapter!

Who, by the way has 3 tats and talked her man into getting his first (and rather large) tat last year :)

Oh, yeah, you might want to post on the HDI board, there are a lot more postersover there.
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I rode Sportsters and Norton Commandos back in the 70s. Great fun for sure. What you have to ask yourself is...Do you really care what anyone thinks about you once your leg goes over that newly airbrushed tank? If that's the case, perhaps you should start with a (cringe) Honda.

Q: can you tell if it's a happy biker?
A: Bugs in his/her teeth!

Be Nike - just do it! Good luck and enjoy.

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