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Hi Everyone:

I am wondering if anyone on this board can help me. I am a collector of stock certificates (it's a hobby called "scripophily").

I have a couple of stock certificates from Internet companies in my possession (e.g. eToys, Webvan,, etc.). Recently, I have been trying to find either a or stock certificate. So far, I have been unsuccessful in my search (by the way, my efforts to track down dot-com stock certificates recently got me mentioned in the Wall Street Journal!)

I am willing to purchase these stock certificates from anyone who has them (these companies are now defunct and depending on the number of shares owned, I may be willing to pay more than the current payout rate that will be distributed to shareholders).

I only want one or two certificates for my collection. I know the certificates are worthless to most people, but they are of historical interest to me.

If you know of anyone who has stock certificates from either or, please ask them to contact me at

I would *really* appreciate any help that any of you can provide.


-Rick (
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I would *really* appreciate any help ...

Don't tell anyone else -- but you can find items like that by clicking on this link:


Phooley in Phoenix
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