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Wanted to give my first impressions of Fallout 3 as well...

I got the game yesterday and sat down for a few hours with it. As I've got a gigantic PC and the PC version is $10 cheaper that's the one I went with, and I've not been disappointed. The game is running beautifully on High settings and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The graphics really are astonishing - I thought that all the screenshots I'd seen of the game online were pre-rendered cut scenes, but no, they're in-game shots and they're lovely.

I played through Fallout and Fallout 2 in preparation for this game coming out, and I feel that the game isn't so far from the originals in terms of feel. Obviously the gameplay is changed going from a 2-D isometric view with turn based combat to a real time 3-D engine with a semi-turn based option. The VATS system (the combat thing) is pretty well implemented I think and gives you some interesting options. I don't always use it, but the guns are inaccurate enough without it that it's worth doing. I can see it getting tired though, as it all runs in slow-motion once you set it in motion.

The gameplay itself I've not got that far into yet, I'm still pottering around by Megaton but it certainly looks interesting, and it seems there's a lot of pretty interesting choices you can make and your actions do actually have consequences, so that's nice. How it'll affect things long term though I don't know - we'll have to wait and see!

I also recently got Fable 2, which is entertaining enough, but frankly isn't a patch (in my FPS and RPG biased eyes) on Fallout 3. It's pretty good, but if given the choice I'll be playing Fallout. Seems much shallower, and frankly a bit too easy for my liking. I have money coming out of my ears, so I'm not being forced to make interesting decisions with equipment/potions etc. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get through it soon enough :)

The only other game I'm playing these days is Mount and Blade (new release of version 1.003 is finally out!). So much fun riding around on a horse sticking big bits of wood into people's faces, or plinking arrows into people's eyes from the battlements of a castle.... Definitely worth trying out if you've not tried it. The story/quests are improved although still very lacking by most standards, but the gameplay itself is just fun fun fun. The demo definitely gives you a good flavour for the game (the only thing you really miss are big battles and castle seiges which are fun but not essential) so give it a go:

My only problem right now is finding time for all this gaming goodness. I need to take a few weeks off... if only the economy wasn't collapsing around our ears :)

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