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It's not surprising that you've lost weight on one of the widely promoted high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets. Why? Because they're all low-calorie diets in disguise. And when it comes to losing weight, calories are what count. It doesn't matter whether the calories come from carbohydrates, proteins or fats — if you eat fewer calories, you'll lose weight.

Your cholesterol may have gone down simply because you lost weight. However, if you keep eating lots of fat, it's likely to increase again. As for the increased energy, that, too, may be the result of weight loss.

Michele Stanten is the fitness editor at Prevention magazine in Emmaus, Penn.

Of course calories count toward weight loss, no big revelation. What she conveniently forgets to say or doesn't even know is that depleting most carbohydrates puts your body into a state of benign dietary ketosis, which makes you feel good and causes your body to burn its own fat while you do nothing! As for The Atkin's Diet being a low calorie diet in disguise, I'll say this: You eat fewer calories on Atkins because you are not as hungry and fat and protein are very satiating. Do you have to eat more fat on the diet? Heck no! I'm eating a lot less fat than when I was binging all day long, that's for sure! Do I enjoy food cooked in real butter, heavy cream in my decaf, delicious cheeses, olive oil on my salad and an occasional ribeye, bacon or some macadamia nuts? You bet I do! Is it easy to give up my high carbohydrate foods and grains? No way, it's difficult. But that is only temporary, I will eat delicious grains again some day, but I will try to avoid nutritionally void white flour and most flour for the most part.

I know low calorie diets are the darling of the media and most of the so-called medical profession and that Atkins is deemed the Devil Incarnate, but I feel great on the diet and it works if you follow it closely. Reading the entire book at least once is imperative. There you will find substantiating proof of why the diet works and of its safety and not someones opinion why the diet works. The Atkins website, , has a FAQ section that debunks the myths about the Atkins Diet.

Listen, it isn't easy to give up eating large quantities of vegetables, fruits and grains, but that is only temporary. I eat some now and will eat them in abundance again one day in the future. I agree with Ms. Stanten that if I eat too much fat, combined with too much carbohydrate, I will surely gain my weight back. But that's how I got fat in the first place! Of course I would get fat again. But don't feed me some line of bull that says I should eat 8-10 servings of grain per day! What a joke the government's Food Pyramid is. I could see the fallacy of it even before I became convinced The Atkins Diet was right for me. And someone who tells me to eat 10 slices of bread a day is going to tell me low carb dieting is bad? Yeah, right, I'll consider anything they say as valid. In their dreams.

One last thing about The Atkins Diet. It has been around since 1971, has survived attacks from the AMA, the food industry and lots of arrogant physicians who were trained to believe that low calorie/low fat diets were the only way to lose weight. Since then people in America have cut their fat by a huge % and have become the fattest country in the world! Look around you at work and at home. Do you see more than 40% or so of the people that you know who are lean and trim? I don't. You don't see such a high % of fat people in countries that ignore low fat diets like France or the Mediterranean. No one could prove The Atkins Diet was unhealthy and many physicians are now embracing the lower carbohydrate way of life. It is absolutely the best way for diabetics to lower blood sugar, proven fact. It is also proving to be the best way for me to become healthier.

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