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warrl:"An atheist who has no belief... does NOT believe that there is not a god, therefore is not an atheist. He may be an agnostic."

You can't have a 'belief' or not have a 'belief' in something that doesn't exist.

That's like saying there is something other than zero, when there is zero.

or, that nothing(zero) is a 'belief' in 'not zero'.


warrl:"You, Tele, would not be constantly putting down anyone who believes in a god, if you thought that there even might be a god. "

I don't have to put anyone down. But they should not expect to be 'shielded' from simple questions or challenges.


warrl:"Clearly you believe there is no god."

Again, you approach this as a theist who insists that if you don't grovel to godthingies, then you 'believe' there is no godthingie. That implies from the get-go that there are godthingies. I don't accept that.

No, I don't need a 'belief' in zero.

I accept zero as a normal number and condition. I don't have to make up a number or a god thingie to fill a void.

Theists do.


warrl"So it is not the case that you have no belief."

ONce's back to you have 'no belief'.....heh heh...a theist goes in circles. You must believe...if you don't believe in 'godthingies' then you must 'believe' there are no godthingies.

No, I don't 'believe' anything.

I simply accept that zero is a perfectly fine number of godthingies. Only when you imagine it is not zero, do you have to 'believe' since you can't prove a thing. I don't have to prove a negative.


warrl" You have a strong positive belief that there is no god."

There you go again.......


warrl""And you cannot give objective proof that no god exists,"

I don't have to. It is the person proposing that godthingies exist who must prove they exist.

No one ever is called upon to disprove a point. Now tell me, can you give me objective proof there are no invisible purple dinosaurs in the corner of your room , invisible and undetectable, of zero mass and visibility, but yet demand that you grovel to them? If you propose that, you must prove it. I'll never ask you to disprove it.


CC:" any more than CCinOC can give objective proof of the existence of the specific god she believes in. "

That's her problem, not mine. "IT" probably makes her feel good, gives her an excuse for her life's problems, absolves her of responsibility, and allows her to go out and commit anything, ask for forgiveness, and do it all over again next week with minimal guilt pangs. The perfect "mental wash" for not being responsible.


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