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Washington Post says there's $1 trillion yearly in total tax breaks.

Look, you've quoted one extremely liberal source to support your position and another that's normally pretty neutral except it has an axe to grind in regards to Romney's tax plan.

Why do you insist on using other sources to try to read Romney's mind? Why not check out Romney's plan at Romney's web page.

Looks like a fair likelihood that in a Romney administration there wouldn't be much change to the tax code, and he'd continue with debt-expanding yearly deficits that plagued the last Republican administration.

You keep nitpicking the Romney plan and I'd like to see more details too (perhaps by the next debate) and claiming how bad it will be for you in particular and you use these nits to justify voting against Romney. However, you never take the mental leap to comparing Romney's plan to Obama's.

I'm not sure if this is a sign of cognitive dissonance or some other issue, but when you compare the points with which you have expressed "issues" under the Romney's plan, you would actually fair worse under Obama's policies (I use the word "policies" because Obama hasn't bothered to talk about a plan for the future - we can only go by what he has already done).

So complain all you want about Romney, publish all of the negative articles from liberal rags that you want, despite all of that noise when it comes down to making an evaluation I'll do what any rational human can do:

Look at both, compare them against each other, and make a choice.

I don't understand why you only look at the blemishes on one side and decide solely upon those blemishes.

Look, you are in medicine, n'est pas?

When you prescribe medication for a disease, do you look only at the side-effects of one treatment and elect to prescribe the other without even bothering to know what the side effects of the alternate are?

If you do you should be sued for malpractice. The same is true in an election. You are looking only at the negatives of Mitt's plan, you have not bothered to look at the negatives of Obama's.

Normally I'd be happy to wash my hands of you and allow you to take the lumps you deserve, unfortunately *your* choice affects me too.

You are inflicting *your* health care choice on me.
You are inflicting *your* crony capitalism on me.
You are inflicting *your* crappy economy on me.
You are inflicting *your* deficits on my kids.

and you should be sued for malpractice for it.
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