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Hello Fools,

So this is a vent, more than anything else, about my crazy...crazy...(expensive) day yesterday. And I figure, since the good Doctor does these types of posts on occasion (although he expertly weaves in investing insights and acumen which I won't be doing) that you'd indulge my ramblings.

So, my wife leaves for work between 7:30AM and 8:00AM. I get a phone call around 8:15AM. She's crying. She was on the highway heading for work, when a baseball-sized rock bounced off the dump truck ahead of her. It has the exquisite precision and timing to land in the middle of her windshield...and I mean in the center of her field of vision (but important is that for driving?). Thankfully, she's fine, though considerably shaken up. The windshield integrity held. Unfortunately, she was driving her car (10-yr old Civic), and not mine (2-yr old Prius). I say unfortunate, because, being a 10-yr old Civic worth maybe $5,000, we don't carry comprehensive insurance on it - just the basics in case of injuring another party. This means, we're on the hook for the full replacement cost - early estimate of $800-$1000 installed. Windshield looks as you would expect it to look (for reference, go fire a baseball at 60MPH at the nearest car windshield and observe the effect). I console. I go to her side and take her to the nearest Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX). Nothing says love like triple foam and cinnamon.

My wife has also taken up cycling in recent months. I told her at the outset that, if this new hobby took hold, we'd buy her a 'proper' bike. She's been riding a 'hand-me-down' from a cyclist friend - it's a decent bike, but about 25 years old. Well, she's done really, really well at this cycling thing, and seems to really love it. I'm a man of my word...go buy a bike honey.

Yesterday, she did (it helped console her after the trauma of the rock + windshield). It's a beautiful, red and white Italian racing job. Aluminum and carbon goo-gahs (what do I know?). Really pretty. How much?



Plus a new woman's saddle and some swank new pedals?

Again, gulp.

I love this woman.

I also note that the net worth meter is running close to negative $4K for the day, and it's barely mid-afternoon.

At night, I drive 40 minutes to meet up with fellow Fool TMFGebinr, who's in southern Ontario for his real job. We've done this before...a couple of Jim Fools, just talking about stocks and such. I get home late, wife's gone to bed. I note when I pull into driveway that she's left her car outside the garage where it normally makes it's home. I could put the car in the garage...but then, I'd likely wake her, and I don't want to do that. What's the harm in staying outside?

This morning, come out to find that some intellectual giant has forced the Civic's front driver-side open. He's after the the stereo/CD changer. This is one of those 6-disc deals where the actual player/changer is in the trunk, and only the controls are on the front instrument panel. This turnip has pried the control off, only to discover that it's all wired up internally, and he can't get to the player without opening the trunk....doesn't seem to have figured out how to open trunk. CD player intact, though controls be dangling from console. May need to replace the door lock (uncertain...don't really know how he (she?) got in). There appears to be some nice screwdriver scratches around the lock, but the actual mechanics of how they gained entry is uncertain to me (what can I say...I've never applied myself to learning the ins-and-outs of carjacking). Have had a break-in like this before in another car....cost me about $500 back then to replace the door lock (all busted up inside) and get everything back to normal.

Some loose change, previously in the center console is no longer in the center console...perhaps 75 cents...maybe a dollar. My wife's two-month old swank cycling shoes, newly fitted with the proper clips for those new (expensive) pedals are still sitting pristine on the passenger seat where she left them. Apparently, the thief was not tempted.

Figure the day's tally was in the $4,000-$4,500 range.

So was it too much to ask for a decent day on the markets today?


Have a good weekend.

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