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WD and Alyce,

I agree with the basic gist of the article. I do appreciate that the author points out some of the fallacy of some studies.

My favorite is global warming. Is it happening? Yes. It is the why that is in question. The most popular theory is CO2. They rail on historic temperature levels and record levels of severe weather.

How far back in history do these studies go? 100 to 150 years. The earth is older.

In a couple days, my area will be 24 months in severe or deeper drought. Last year was our hottest summer in history and our worst 1 year drought, but ...

Tree-ring analysis from four different regions of Texas show 4 other periods of similar or worse conditions in the last 400 years, which was the limit the trees could be correlated to.

We had an ice age, not long ago with sheets of ice miles thick. Earlier, during the age of the dinosaurs, the global temperatures were higher than they are now, 60 to 70F vs 50F now.

Why is the temperature increasing? I seriously doubt we have the ability to clearly and definitively state the cause. It most certainly is not just one factor like CO2. Unfortunately, our politicians and media are silly enough to believe these single-source theories.

How about cities or air-conditioning? Cities are noticeably warmer than surrounding country. It is well known to meteorology that cities are heat sinks and heat producers. We need federal regulation to control these evil things. :-)

A/C: we burn fuel of some sort(heat) to create electricity, transmit that energy across electric lines and through transformers (losing some along the way as heat), run a motor(producing heat) to power a compressor(making heat) to compress gas so excess heat will be dispersed to the atmosphere, pushed into the inside unit by a pump(heat) and finally pushed through a radiator with air being pushed through it by a blower(heat again) to be cooled and we breath that sigh of cool relief. For every BTU of heat moved from the inside of your home to the outside, how many BTUs of heat were added to the ecosphere? To take that back to full-cycle, you need to look at the source of the energy for the power plant. Was it mined and transported? A/C in an automobile is much less efficient and makes much more heat per useable BTU of cooling.

This is just one simple little item of millions.

We all know the EPA is the savior of our environment. An outfit around here started signing contracts about 5 years ago with ranches to "harvest" brush. They would come to a ranch, cut and grub all mesquite, juniper and other brush. They were going to build-out a power plant that burned the chipped material and used nat gas to re-burn the smoke. The EPA and TCEQ denied the permits citing pollution concerns. Instead of having a clean burning plant producing power, ranchers are burning off brush piles. Same fuel and no controls on pollution. Increased danger of wildland fires if a controlled burn gets away. So one method produces electricity and reduces emissions and wildland fires and the other doesn't. Which is better?

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