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We are living in a free country and if we are lucky to have put away some money we can do what we want with it. Travel the world, put the grandkids through college and on and on. We don't have to share our money. We can keep it all to ourselves and only part with it when we want to. The flip side? We get to pay our own bills. And they should be paid personally by anyone that has money. To assume the society somehow takes over our financial responsibilites when we need to pay healthcare related bills is inconsistent with "it is my money".

To assign the cost for our care to someone else - and someone else will have to pay the bill - while at the same time shelter money is in my opinion stealing. I am associated with a retirement / skilled nursing facility and this issue is a major problem. If someone has a good attorney they can shelter unlimited funds while having the state pay for the nursing care. Guess who pays the difference between private rates of 200+ medicines, supplies and therapies per day vs. state rates of 115 all inclusive. It is ultimately the personnel - there simply is not enough money to maintain safe buildings, nutritious food and adequate supplies and pay staff reasonable wages. Luckily the nursing home industry is gathering political support so this type of sheltering of money will eventually be much harder.


So it's perfectly ok with you if an elderly couple or individual must impoverish themselves in order to pay medical bills? This could put them into the street, you know. It could cost them everything.

Why are you so willing to pony up the money through taxes for our highway system? Everybody pays for it, you know, through their taxes. That takes money ... excuse me.... "YOUR money" to pay for the roads that run through both Virginia and Montana -- whether you ever drive on them or not. Maybe you should only pay for those roads you travel on and people who can't afford to pay should have to walk somewhere on a path and not use the roads at all.

Why are you so willing to pony up your tax money for a military or a police department? Maybe only those who can afford the protection should pay for individual body guards. The rest could just hope that no harm would come to them.

The reason, if I might answer my own questions, is because you have sense enough to know that roads and military and police departments and many other things we all pay for through our taxes are necessary for the general welfare of the citizenry. We all prosper because of them.

I contend that healthcare is no different. A healthy population is a benefit to all. We are all neighbors and should care enough about each other to provide, through our taxes, a general level of healthcare. A safety net below which no one can ever fall into poverty and disaster. No one is suggesting that taxes pay for face lifts, boob jobs, and botox treatments. But a basic level of healthcare should be a right and benefit of citizenship as much as use of the highway system. And we should provide for catastrophic diseases and events as well as the basic level. We should do this because we are human beings who realize that we are all in this together.

We are the only major nation in the world who turns its back on its people. We have forgotten that government is FOR the people and have washed our hands of it all. We elect politicians -- not statesmen -- who are supposed to represent us and our needs as a nation of people, yet they steal from the public trust to pay for "bridges to nowhere" for rich people (as in Alaska) and more pork than can be imagined which benefit a few handfuls of people in their respective states.

Yet you scream about "it's MY money!" even though you earned that money in an environment that was made possible by some of the very people you would deny healthcare until they have impoverished themselves. You earned it driving on those roads your taxes helped pay for but were actually built by the sweat and muscle of many of those poor people you think should spend down what little they have managed to set aside for their old age before you deign to lower yourself to spending a dollar of "YOUR money" to help them.

This kind of thinking is not very patriotic American in my opinion. This kind of thinking happens in the mind of a body where a stone sits in a chest rather than a heart.

Try imagining yourself in the position of having only a small life savings that you have tried very hard to accumulate in order to live -- not a lavish life -- but just a very modest one when you are old. Then imagine that you become diseased and require expensive medications for which you simply cannot pay. What do you do? If you use up your life savings you can no longer live. If you don't, the disease will kill you. But in your world, your government and your neighbors will not care. They will go right along with their lives, encircling their arms around "THEIR money" and cranking up their SUV's and heading off on nice vacations and fishing trips and leaving you next door to contemplate poverty and/or death.

You said:

To assign the cost for our care to someone else - and someone else will have to pay the bill - while at the same time shelter money is in my opinion stealing.

Yet I contend that to hoard your money through an unwillingness to pay taxes for the benefit of all citizens and send your neighbor into abject poverty when he needs your help most -- after you have benefited from his life's labors -- is, in my opinion, and to use your own word, "stealing".

This society doesn't work without all of us. You benefit when the garbage man comes up pick up your garbage. You benefit when those laborers sweat in the hot sun to build roads that you use. You benefit when schools are built that educate your children. You don't exist in a vacuum. And you didn't earn and save the money you currently have in a vacuum, either. You did it with the silent and (to you) invisible help of those very neighbors you would now rob of the very means they have to survive simply because they have the misfortune to get sick.

You are stealing.

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