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We still do not have any direct evidence in terms of what "the Australian" said. It is behind a paywall. This is the future of the denialists, their arguments are not about the real world and must be hidden because they cannot stand the light of day. - bjchip

Luckily we can now all read the article. Just Google "'Nothing off-limits' in climate debate" and you can find a link to the entire article. I'd offer a direct link but the link takes you back to the paywall again.

Anyway, here's a summary of the entire article:

It starts with the Australian's totally inaccurate heading (now circulating freely throughout the Baloney Blogoshere):

THE UN's climate change chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year pause in global temperature rises, confirmed recently by Britain's Met Office, but said it would need to last "30 to 40 years at least" to break the long-term global warming trend.

We'll just cruise past Graham Lloyd's words and go directly to Dr. Pachauri's own words:

"The climate is changing because of natural factors and the impact of human actions," Dr Pachauri said.

"What is quite perceptible is, in the last 50 years, the trend is upwards."

"This is not to say you won't have ups and downs - you will - but what we should be concerned about is the trend, and that is being influenced now to a large extent by human actions."

"If you look at the last century, records tell you that the increase in average surface temperature has been 0.74C," he said.

"If you have five or 10 years when you don't have the same trend, that doesn't necessarily mean that you are deviating from the trend - you are still around the trend."

He has more to say, but I went looking for the "17-year pause" quote and, gosh golly gee, there was NO SUCH QUOTE.

So what we have here, folks, is a standard Rupert Murdoch publication mangling the truth, brought to us by one Graham Lloyd.

Graham Lloyd is one dishonest bloke. Anyone interested in more evidence of Lloyd's distortions, here are a couple links:

On the front page of The Australian today we find the headline Summer of disaster ‘not climate change’: Rajendra Pachauri. If you read the actual quotes from Pachauri in the article and not the fabricated one in the headline, you’ll find that Pachauri said something rather different:

Pachauri quotes:

“What we can say very clearly is the aggregate impact of climate change on all these events, which are taking place at much higher frequency and intensity all over the world.

“On that there is very little doubt; the scientific evidence is very, very strong. But what happens in Queensland or what happens in Russia or for that matter the floods in the Mississippi River right now, whether there is a link between those and climate change is very difficult to establish. So I don’t think anyone can make a categorical statement on that.”

Saying that climate change is making events like the floods more likely but you can’t be certain that the floods were caused by climate change is not the same as saying that they have nothing to do with climate change no matter what The Australian prints.

Or, how 'bout this:

Graham Lloyd is back with a story headlined “Climate link to Sandy invalid” (Google the title if you want to read it). As we’ve come to expect from The Australian the headline is contradicted by the story, with both scientists quoted agreeing that sea level rise caused by global warming had worsened the flooding from Sandy.

(the entire article is worth reading to see how facts and statements are distorted to lead a casual reader to conclude something other than what the scientists said)

But, hey, that's just the way things are within the Denialist Industry. Scientists say one thing and less-than-scrupulous "journalists" report something else and the falsehoods then get circulated within a network of baloney blogs.

Climate clowns never sleep.
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