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We use a spray on them too, about every 3 weeks through the summer. They seem to be prevalent in the whole neighborhood. Would milky spore do a bit of good if no one else uses it?


Short answer: yes. The jury is still out on how far a Jap Beetle will travel. Most of my materials say they stay within a couple hundred yards of where they hatched/morphed, but a commercial tree care magazine I receive recently had an article indicating a range of just over a mile, IIRC. I'll re-read the article at home and report in again.

Meanwhile, on the Milky Spore debate, I'm a firm believer and here's why:

Moved into my home in 1970 and over the next couple of years planted a fair-sized rose garden. Also set up a nice vegetable garden. Then, slowly the beetle invasion began. After a few years of hand-picking / bagging / spraying during beetle season, they were still there and in larger quantities than ever before. Meanwhile, I had done battle with the voracious gypsy moth caterpillars using a biological spray called BT. It worked so well that when I read about Milky Spore I decided to give it a chance. Purchased the giant economy sized container (I have an acre of ground) and put out the spore powder using the grid pattern. I did this in the summertime. The next year, my Jap Beetle problem was less than half as bad as the year before and the year after that, I had almost NONE! Meanwhile, I also noticed a pleasant decrease in the number of 7 line bean beetles and potato beetles in the veggie garden, which was located along one edge of the back lawn. I should note here that NONE of my neighbors used Milky Spore. My yard and its resident "beetle attracting trees/shrubs remained blessedly beetle free for about 20 years on that one application. fast forward

In 2000, we started noticing the Jap Beetles on some of our plants again. Hand picked the ugly buggies for a couple of years as well as using the bag/attractants while I searched down a supplier of Milky Spore. Re-applied Milky Spore in the grid pattern in the spring of 2003. 'Tis now the beginning of beetle season here ... so far I have spotted 1 lone beetle.

Tell me, what other pesticide can you apply once and have it work for so many years? Hey, even if you have to do it 2x, it's still the cheapest game in town based on results.

in Connecticut
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