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Walk, don't run, to your printer with yellow highlighter and read this excellent bio of Dr. Henry Singleton by John Chew of CS Investing.

Singleton, who could read a book in a day and play chess blindfolded, is one of the great modern capitalists, according to James Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer. Warren Buffett told The Money Masters author John Train that Singleton has "the best operating and capital deployment record in American business.

To learn more, click here:

John Chew's blog, BTW, is excellent; several times a week he sends out columns that I always learn something from.

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Hewitt, I enjoyed reading the article very much.

One thing I kept thinking about was the fate of Teledyne once Dr Singleton relinquished operations. If someone started following the company not from the start but from the 90s, he/she would not have benefited from this person's capital allocation abilities, but would have seen his/her investment going down to zero.
I'm thinking about the long term viability of a company run by a superb leader that fails to leave a person to run the company as brilliantly as him (e.g. Peter Lynch at Magellan). In the case of BRK, will Warren Buffett's heir be as brilliant as he is. Can we expect the same results for Berkshire Hathaway in the future?

Just some thoughts,

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