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Welcome to the Tax Strategies Board, one and all.

Thanks for the visit. If you have a question, feel free to post it here. I'll get back to it as quickly as possible. So don't forget to come back and check for my response.

Additionally, in the Fools School area, you'll find a separate Taxes Q&A section. In that area are discussions of a NUMBER of tax issues that may be of interest to you. Estimated taxes. Specific identification of stock. Gifts of appreciated securities. A whole buncha stuff. So before you post your question, you might want to wander over to the Taxes Q&A in the Fools School Area. You answer may already be waiting for you.

Other than that, feel free to post away. And if you would like to check with me directly on any issues, you can contact me at Don't be afraid to drop me a line.

Roy Lewis
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