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Welcome to T.J.'s Pub

Come on in. This is not a FAQ. I have found that most people don't ask questions frequently outside of the stock boards. Consider this a greeting from the proprietor of your neighborhood watering hole. Everyone is welcome including you. Don't be offended if I ask you to introduce yourself to the others.

Have a seat by the fire and let me tell you about this place. I chose the name “TJ's Pub” for two reasons. First, it puts my name on the board title. Therefore, there should be no guessing who the board “host' is. This has been a problem with other boards and it is one I wish to avoid. The second reflects my differing POV on bulletin boards. I believe it is a fair assessment to say most people view boards as TV channels. “Let's see what's on…Atheist Fools <click>…Political Asylum <click>… Great Movies! That looks interesting let's see what people are talking about… .” I take a different view, because instead of spending all of my formative years in front of the TV, I spent mine in bars. My father, you see, was a publican and the family business was the care and feeding of three neighborhood watering holes. I see boards as Pubs. Like pubs, each board has its own culture and theme. Each board has a different menu if you will. The problem is that I'm not a bar hopper. I don't enjoy maintaining dozens of favorite boards so I can have a complete intellectual and fun experience on the fool. In a nutshell, I've asked for this board so there will be one place in fooldom, where I can talk about anything I want to, without worrying about the culture of the board or the objectives of the host. Also being a board host may give me sufficient gravitas to do things I couldn't do as a normal poster.

Here are your drinks. This one's on the house. You should know three things before you jump in. First, this is a civilized pub and there are rules of engagement. I can't make you follow them but I would ask you read them before discussing politics and religion. The second is that each thread should be viewed as a conversation at an adjoining table. The patrons expect you to join in but don't be surprised if one table is discussing the big bang while the guys at the bar are convincing one another that Wyle E. Coyote is smarter than Marvin the Martian. Third, this is a family pub so while profanity is tolerated, obscenity is not appreciated and we keep what happens in the bedroom in the bedroom.

My expectations? Thank you for asking. If I know as much about virtual communities as I think I do, then this board should be orphaned and near abandoned in three months. However, I am the type of guy who writes just to get things out of my head and I don't mind talking to myself, so having an outlet to rant, and having a place to archive certain posts from other boards has made this effort worthwhile. I enjoy the company and hope it is a successful social board but if it fails in that regard it doesn't matter.

Well I'm off. Enjoy the fellowship and the fire. In time, everyone will know your name and you can order your drinks just by asking for the usual. Sure I'll open a tab for you. You seem to be the type of quality poster we like here. For the few of you I haven't met yet, who have been eavesdropping on this conversation, I can't take your marker. Why? At T.J.'s Pub our rule is “Lurkers Strictly Cash.”
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Hi T.J. Glad to see you are still around. Thought the aliens has abducted you.
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Thanks bro. The Aliens let me go. I may ask you to stop by for some conversation.

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Hi Pub Regulars & especially TJ,

So why am I posting here?

1. Because TJ invited me to
2. I'm originally from England and can't stay out of pubs
3. Most importantly TJ said that the first drink was on the house!

Hmmm I see in that to earn my drink that I have to introduce myself!

My name is Philip and I live in Vancouver, Canada, I'm a mariner who teaches in secondary education (you can check the profile anyway). I mostly post on the Foolish Collective board and spend most of my online time at TMF actually discussing & researching investment ideas - now fancy that!! I often lurk here at other "social" boards and recognize many of the posters here.

Oh yes & I think that TMF is a great place to interact with others but they could get rid of the rec limit as I think that it serves no purpose. I'm in till April 2005 and will pay reasonable subscription at that time.

Next time I post I'm buying!

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Welcome aboard, Philip!

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I promised the good lord I wouldn't read no FAQ's, but I did read your rules of engagement. This looks like a good joint.

Can a hippie folksinger make a few beers a night here?

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