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...about 6 hours to go (CST). I have found a few more boards that I like and have used this site to track stocks of interest before purchasing or flushing. I have not been able to find a board I like more sooo....I have to make up my mind soon.

What are some ideas, those who have become members, plan to do to make this a more productive place for people of color?

Absolutly could be pursuaded to stay......Busted
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Hello AbsolutelyBusted,

We believe that by providing a forum where many, many ideas can be offered and discussed in the spirit of mutual growth and development, we can make this a more productive place for people of all color.

The beauty of you joining is that you will certainly become an integral part of improving the quality of this and any of our other 4,000+ boards where you may choose to participate.

Please take this as a personal request to join. Consider the cost ($30 for 2 years, $1.25 per month) and I'm sure you'll see that the value far exceeds the cost.

Fool on,
TMF DaddyO
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