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Well, I hardly think that that is the basis of the justification for the continuing force of the UN Resoultions. I think the basis of this is that the ceasefire agreed to by Saddam continues the UN Resolutions until both sides agree that all conditions have been met. Saddam abrogated the ceasefire in 1998 when he ejected the inspectors, as a result, the ceasefire is no longer in force, and the US, as the agent empowered by the UN resolutions, is free to use whatever force is necessary to ensure that the UN Resolutions are obeyed. We've been trying for 4 years to get the inspectors back in, how long should we rely on 'diplomatic' means and sanctions to get Saddam to abide by an agreement he already accepted? The idea that we should now 'negoitiate' the conditions for the inspectors return is an absurdity, much as if the Japanese decided in 1947 to 'renegoitiate' the terms of thier surrender.

The current attempts at appeasing Saddam are reminiscent of Munich and Hitler. I wonder just how far into bed some will get with this murderous madman?

That being said, I'm somewhat mystified by the current 'debate' over whether the President will or will not consult Congress or present his 'case' for the invasion, should he decide one is necessary. I think he has stated on more than one occasion that he will seek Congressional backing and lay out his reasons, when the time comes. The only people I see 'debating' the issue as though he has stated he will not is the media and his ever present following of critics (the joys of being President). I don't think that the conclusion can be drawn from a 'legal opinion' as to the legality of an action that this is the intended course the President intends. I think his critics would like that to be his intended course and at the moment seem to be having a good time attacking this particular 'strawman'.

As far as the economy goes, we're enjoying the aftermath of an 'equity bubble' that occured over the last 10 years or so. He is no more to 'blame' for this than Jimmy Carter was for the rampant inflation in the 70's (caused by a quintupling of oil prices in '73 and on). it's just convienient for some folks to have a 'whipping boy' for all thier economic troubles, that way they don't have to look at themselves.
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