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Well, there are two problems I can see with this argument. The first is that the poll is limited to New Jersey. We don't know that New Jersey Gen-Xers are representative of the whole country.

Yes, it's entirely possible that "New Jersey" is some sort of spacially distorted political zone, and that things which are true there are simply not true anywhere else in the country. However since the composition of New Jersey's actual elected officials isn't so strangely different from many other states (having both a Republican Governor and Republican majority in the House), I'll wait for some "evidence" before I accept your theory.

Oh. Here's some of mine: You might want to scroll down to the chart at the bottom of the page, the "Partisanship of 18-29 year olds". Since Gen-Xers are 30, plus or minus 5-9 years, the chart isn't a perfect snapshot, but it does put the lie to the tripe which started this thread - that Gen-Xers are taking "a hard right turn".

There's simply no proof offered, and your only reply is "Well maybe New Jersey is different." Maybe it is. Prove it.

The second problem is that liberal doesnt always match with left or left with Democrat or Democrat with liberal. It is quite possible to be of a liberal mind and also support Republicanism with its emphasis on the individual rather than the majority.

Sure, anything is possible. Are you saying that you agree with the original poster, that Gen-Xers have taken a "hard turn to the right", but somehow so many of them are "liberal Republicans" that they can statistically skew this poll? It would be great if you would provide some evidence, even one little shard for this theory, but then it would have been great if the original poster had done the same.

Which he hasn't, and which you haven't. Look, all it takes is a little work. Which I have done, and which you haven't. So failing any "facts" to the contrary, I'll stick with my assertion.

The original theory is "wishful thinking", sometimes also known as "a pile of crap." So is your apologia in lieu of facts.

Here's a cute one (and by the way, it was a national poll, so be prepared to tell me how "the nation" is different from "the rest of the country"):

Polls about American's top priorities are also revealing. Last January, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press surveyed Americans... While Boomers were most concerned with fixing Social Security, Gen X preferred an increase in social spending, starting with education, and then crime, the environment, and helping families with children.

So the "hard turn to the right" is that "Gen X-ers preferred an increase in social spending.

That is an interesting "hard turn to the right", no?
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