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After suffering a lot of agravation, I decided to close my account at Wells Fargo. I never chose to have one, just had one originally at the First Atlanta, which was bought by Wachovia, etc. More than 20 years all said.
Wachovia was excellent, but when WFC bought it . . . well, aggresive, almost predatory marketing, continuous phone calls selling this or that, getting a long sales speach everytime I went to the bank for whatever reason, hit and run fees, etc. etc. Plus, plus, lousy service that was getting worse all time. Example: nearly incomprehensible statements, etc.
So I switched to Sun Trust, a bank that does not suffer from imperial ambitions.
Curiously, my daughter ( who runs an accounting service for small business ) told me that a number of her clients ( also ex-Wachovia ) were closing their accounts at WFC due to pretty much the same issues.
It looks like eventually Mr. Buffett will own 100% of a bank with no customers.
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but when WFC bought it . . .

Interesting. I've been with WFC for the last dozen or so years, through three mortgage refinancings, and I've not had any of those troubles; although I've never made use of Wells' brokerage facility.

I've had excellent customer service, no calls to market me this or that--or anything. When I do use a teller, she asks me, once each time, if I want a Wells credit card.

But I've been with Wells qua Wells the whole time, I've not come to them through any of their acquisitions.

Eric Hines
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but when WFC bought it . . .

I have been with Wachovia, WFC and WF advisors since year one.

Enjoy 100 trade commission free per year and a couple of other accounts. Great service. Never recieved any marketing that I recall except Email and mail.

Only complaint I have is a 3.00 bank charge for Quicken use.

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Our experience with WFC was terrible. They took over the local bank where we did business and with which we were quite satisfied. It all went south when WFC took over. Errors in our accounts. Bad customer service. Extremely high rate of turnover among the staff. Frustrating in almost every way to do business with.

Maybe it just depends on the local branch and who is running it. But we would never do business with WFC again.

I know Mungofitch really likes this company, so it is probably a good investment, but I just can't bring myself to invest in it after our personal experiences with them.
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Suntrust = my mortgage company! Reliable, boring, minimum side marketing.
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