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Man, that had to be the best game I've seen in years...but really stressful. They give up 6 turnovers - 2 of them for touchdowns, plus a kickoff for a touchdown, they're down by 2 with 20 friggin seconds left and are kicking off, AND THEY WIN??? Unfrigginbelievable!!!

Even with all the mistakes, to pull one like that had has got to be a confidence builder.

But what a blow for the bills - I'd have a hard time showing up for practice after that - they really played there hearts out but just didn't have the talent in the end...
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The 'D' played well. Gave up only 3 points.

Good to see they can overcome 6 turnovers and come out with a win. I takes a little luck to pull one out like that. These are the kind of things that happen to special teams. And, I believe that this is a special season for the Cowboys.

My MVP is rookie kicker Nick Folk. Great onside kick and made the game winning 53 yarder.......twice. Seems really good to have a kicker we can count on.

Again.....the kind of things that happen in a 'special season'.

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