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Well, he said a lot of stuff, on this or that.

He didn't say anything about this.

Born on December 23, 2005, he was named James Jeffrey Cathey, Jr.

James Jeffrey Cathey, Jr., birth day to present:
Treasury Department
12/23/2005..... $8,097,233,080,920.30

+ $606 billion in Goldilocks new wartime debt. "Good times".

Making it that much more difficult for James Jeffrey Cathey, Jr. to eventually retire early, or retire. Perhaps trivial. But of course 500 billion dollars a year in borrowing and spending can make war times good times.

Mr. Bernanke's predecessor told us that.

Estimates of Home Mortgage Originations, Repayments, and Debt on One-to-Four-Family Residences
Alan Greenspan and James Kennedy

(23) Net equity extraction

Q1 2001..$45.0 billion
Q2 2005..$138.4

As one wise Republican Congress-hero asked, "What? Am I supposed to feel guilty bcause all my savings are in my house and 401k?"

Mr. Bernanke replied that it wasn't a matter of guilt, although maybe it should be.
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