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I already shared my "tuna barcarole" monstrosity and my sort of sweet & sour chicken livers w/bacon. Here's another of my crazy early recipes.

Refried pinto beans with ground cumin, coriander and of all things--turmeric. It was the dominant flavor (oy)! I put practically more jack cheese in it than beans, and served at first with brown rice and later with hand-made corn tortillas, a thin tomato sauce made of contadina plain tomato sauce and canned green chilies, and cole slaw with pineapple tidbits, raisins, and celery seed. And I thought it was an awesome dinner at the time. It certainly was filling in my hungry 20s.

One of the more "normal" meals I made in my early days was baked chicken quarters with sides of kasha varnishkas (buckwheat groats cooked with bowtie noodles, mushrooms and onions--I followed the recipe on the box of Wolff's buckwheat groats) and frozen winter squash--later replaced by fixing butternut squash from scratch. What can I say--I read I should eat more whole grains and less processed food--and I loved this, especially the chicken fat in the buckwheat groats. Another "normal" meal was pan-fried burgers with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. Except that I didn;t peel the potatoes so they were full of tasty/annoying goodness, and very gluey coz I cooked them in a pressure cooker.

I didn't grow up eating any of this stuff. I've just used cooking as an outlet for creativity--and (more than) a touch of craziness.
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My mom took me in the kitchen from early on and started teaching me what spices went with what. She wanted to make sure I didn't grow up like my father and that I could take care of myself. About the only thing my father knew how to make was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Anyway I think I started making stuff in the kitchen starting about the second grade.

My cooking got progressively better as I got older. I was butchering animals and cooking them in middle school. I remember killing two street pigeons with a sling shot in California and plucking and cleaning and frying and eating them. I must have been in middle school?

In fact I seem to recall catching blue gills in Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles, California and cleaning and frying and eating them and I was only in the 5th grade? My mom used to leave me in charge of watching my baby sister while she went off to work in Los Angeles and I was only in the 4th and 5th grade?

Man that was a long time ago. I've been killing and butchering and cleaning and cooking animals pretty much my whole life.

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Okay, you take some leftover rice out of the refigerator, a couple hot dogs from the freezer, and the box of Velveeta.

Thaw and brown the hot dogs in a skillet, then cut them up in bite-size pieces, add the rice and a bunch of Velveeta. Cover and heat until hot and melty.

Probably was 14 or 15 yrs old at the time. I remember it as salty and very filling.

Not so much on hot dogs any more
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I remember trying to make potato soup (peel & cut potatoes & onions. Barely cover with water & simmer until done. Then add milk, butter, salt & parsley.) in a popcorn cooker.

It didn't get quite hot enough.

I ate a lot of Lipton's Chicken and Rice dinner (a package.)

I made avocado, cheese and garlic salt on sourdough sandwiches.

Creamed eggs on toast.
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