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What? Finally realizing the prez is everything we have warned you about...a liar and a Chicago type ganster?

No, he's a community organizer! His lack of ability has lead to a disorganized, thoroughly corrupt community.

Just ask Axelrod... the government is too for 0bama to handle so he can't be held responsible. He's simply incapable of doing the job. Some would say that's the bigotry of low expectations, but the alternative is that he's just really terrible at his job.

Either way the buck stops with him, whether he wants to admit that or not. I don't expect the PA liberal lemmings to ever hold him to anything (short of those things where he was simply a spectator, like when the SEALs whacked Bin Laden, suddenly 0bama was responsible for everything there)!

Benghazi is a clusterckuf, people die, they asked for more security but it was turned down via documents with Hillary's name all over them but, hey, she can't be expected to know what's happening in her own department because, hey, bureaucracy! A significant date for terrorists? Nah, no use paying more attention. In fact if any reports do come in just rubber stamp them and go to bed. The buck stops anywhere but with the people in charge, no problem!

The IRS violates the law? Hey, liberals don't like those groups, there's apparently an exemption in the law for groups with the name "tea party" or "patriot" or who want to do things like educate people about that pesky Constitution thingy. At least Bush acknowledged the Constitution existed (the oft cited "it's just a piece of paper")... Team 0bama either igores it completely or goes after those who want to do something as nefarious as eductate people about it! And doing that in a blanket manner, which is very much illegal, is... not illegal per our PA lib friends. Up is down, left is right, black is white and denial is just a river in Egypt.

The AP... meh, those whiny reporters should be honored that the DoJ poured through months worth of their phone calls secretly. Those 53 media outfits signing a letter condemning it... what the hell do they know? Not as much as our PA lib friends, I'll tell you that much, they're experts on EVERYTHING!

Don't forget Fast and Furious. Brian Terry's family hasn't... but they couldn't be swept under the rug fast enough by our liberal friends. They truly are a compassionate lot, no? Just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing they care so much. Why not let them run everything? What could go wrong?!?

/There's not a PA lib I'd let run so much as an ant farm if I had any say about it, true story.
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